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High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers in Austin

Resolving Property Division & Child Custody

When spouses, either individually or together, own significant property and assets, divorce can become a lot more complicated. There can be a lot on the line in these types of cases and this will often mean that tension is high. In a high end divorce, any improper handling of a case can cause serious ramifications that can be costly. Zinda Law Group has experience handling high asset divorce proceedings and will represent your best interests during this trying time. For a consultation with one of our high net worth divorce attorneys, call 512-246-2224 today.

What Makes High Net Worth Divorce Unique?

While all of the issues that must be addressed are very similar to a basic divorce, one of the more complicated areas is property division. Most of the property that is acquired during a marriage will be considered community property and the court will look to divide it fairly based on a number of factors regarding the couple. In many marriages, community property will consist of the family home, perhaps a business that the couple owns together, and other smaller assets that were purchased jointly during the marriage.

In a high net worth divorce, there can be a lot more to take into account such as:

  • Business valuation and division
  • Stocks
  • Pensions, 401K and other retirement funds
  • Trusts
  • Debts
  • Other property

When children are involved in the divorce, child custody, visitation and child support will also need to be addressed. The children’s best interests should always be considered and our goal with every family is to minimize any negative effects the divorce may have on them.

Spousal support is another big topic in high-end divorce proceedings. Many marriages consist of one spouse that is financially dependent on the other, because they stayed home to manage the house and the children’s lives, while the other spouse worked. This type of situation is an example of what can necessitate the grounds for spousal support after the divorce is finalized. Depending on individual circumstances, alimony may be paid for a short or long-term period.

Zinda Law Group is Here to Help

If you need help with your high net worth or high asset divorce proceedings, the attorneys at Zinda Law Group of Austin can help. Our divorce attorneys are experienced in high end divorce and can help represent your best interests during this trying time. If you would like to speak with an attorney, call 512-246-2224 today for a consultation.