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Father’s Rights Attorneys in Austin

There are a number of complex matters such as child custody and child support issues that must be handled in divorce or paternity cases. These issues may compromise the rights of the father in court depending on the laws of the state. In the state of Texas, once the biological father of a child has been determined through paternity testing, he obtains certain legal rights and responsibilities. The legal father of a child is given the same consideration as the mother when the court determines the time sharing plan with the children.

The Father’s Rights Movement

The fathers’ rights movement has gained more headway over the years with the roles of fathers and mothers changing within the family. In the past more fathers took the role of providing and the mother would stay home and care for the children. Today they may share the role more or a father may even stay at home while his spouse goes to work. The courts would often give the mother more consideration, in issues of support or custody. With many taking action against this, the courts are beginning to be held to a standard of equality. This can mean a father gets custody of the children or even is awarded spousal support if he is found to be dependent on his wife.

If you were never married to the child’s mother, you may have the same legal rights as a married father once your paternity is established and you are declared the legal father. Fathers’ rights in Texas will also recognize you as a natural guardian of a child and you may be eligible to take legal action to obtain custody of your child. In the case of a divorce, the husband is considered to be the father of the children of the marriage. This presumption is rebuttable, which means that the assumption of the husband’s fatherhood can be overcome by the evidence that the husband is not the father. In Texas, father’s rights may include time sharing (visitation), or contact rights with the child. These contact rights include physical visits with the child as well as telephone and internet contact.

What Rights Entail

Each case is determined on an individual basis and the court considers a number of factors such as: the father’s relationship with the child, his experience in child rearing, his work schedule and much more before deciding visitation rights. Fathers have important rights in Texas. If joint managing conservatorship (shared parenting) is awarded, you and your child’s mother will share in the responsibility of making all minor and major decisions affecting your child’s welfare such as those involving education, health care, religion, illnesses, vacations and more.

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