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Austin Child Custody Lawyers


When a couple with children divorces, they are forced to make a difficult decision regarding custody. Child custody is a legal decree from the court that awards the parental rights to either one or both of the parties. The process can be incredibly difficult and there are many factors involved.

The Equal Rights Amendment was incorporated in the Texas in 1973, stating that the sex of a parent will not be factored when the court considers the qualifications of a parent. Either parent can pursue custody and the court will evaluate a number of aspects when making their decision. Having an experienced Austin child custody attorney on your side can help ensure the best outcome for your custody case.

Filing for Custody in Austin

A child is defined as anyone under the age of 18 years old. In order to file for custody in Austin and the state of Texas there are a number of requirements that must be met. First, the child must have resided in the state six months prior to the case taking place. Next, there will need to be information available within the state regarding the care of the child and other useful information. The parents must also have some form of connection to the state, apart from only residing there. This is often in the form of a job. An Austin child custody lawyer from Zinda Law Group can help you file for custody and make sure the requirements have been met.

Sole and Joint Custody

Custody can involve legal custody, physical custody, joint custody and even visitation rights. The parent that is awarded sole custody is referred to as the sole managing conservator, where two parents sharing joint custody are considered to be the joint managing conservatorship. The state often looks to keep both parents involved if it is possible. Joint custody allows both parents to stay in the child’s life and make many decisions together but his does not mean that they will both have equal rights. One parent may be given physical custody, permitting the child to remain living with them, while still allowing the other party to have a voice in issues regarding their child. In other cases of joint custody the child may spend time living with both parents. Your Austin child custody attorney can help pursue the type of custody that is right for you.

The Family Code states that the court will consider what is in the best interests of the child as their main priority when awarding conservatorship. If the child is over the age of 12 they can also be brought in to give a testimony. Visitation may be awarded when one person is given sole custody, but the other wishes to still remain in contact with the child. A schedule can be made to determine when these visits will take place. After the ruling has been made in a custody battle, it may then need to be enforced to ensure that both parents are following the court’s decision.

Get an Austin Custody Lawyer on Your Side

Hiring an Austin custody attorney knowledgeable in child custody laws is an essential part of the divorce process. The attorneys of Zinda Law Group of Austin will work to help ensure your interests are fully represented when determining who gets custody of your child and under what terms. Call 512-246-2224 today for a consultation with a child custody lawyer.