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Adoption Lawyers in Austin

Adoption is the legal process that allows a person or child to become a lawful member of another’s family. If a court of law rules a final order of adoption, the new parents gain the same legal rights as blood-related parents would have.  Child support and other legal matters involving the child may also come into play and should be reviewed by an Austin adoption lawyer.

Adopting a child is one of the most important and emotional decisions that an individual or family can make. If you are considering adopting a child, it is extremely important that you understand the legal ramifications that go along with your decision and how the process works. The adoption lawyers at Zinda Law Group of Austin can guide you through the steps required to adopt a child and ensure everything is done correctly.

Who Can Adopt?

The terms of who can adopt a child in Texas are outlined under the Family Code Sec. 162.001. Adoption can be sought by a family member even if they have no blood relation with the child. A married couple may look to welcome a child into their home or it can be a single person that is looking to care for a child. In many cases a couple that marries may have children from a previous relationship and as part of seeing these children as their own, the spouse may seek to legally become their parent. Those looking to adopt must be 21 or older and be financially stable.

Deciding the Biological Parents Role

There are various terms of an adoption in regards to the level of contact that occurs between a biological parent and the adopted child. This should be established before the adoption takes place and will be carried out after the fact. It is up to those involved to decide if any form of communication will continue between the child and their biological parents.

Get Guidance from an Austin Adoption Lawyer

In order to ensure that the adoption is done properly and that there are no loose ends left untied, it is extremely important to hire an experienced Austin adoption lawyer. At Zinda Law Group, we are committed to serving our clients during every phase and with every aspect of the adoption process. Call us today at 512-246-2224 for a consultation with an Austin adoption attorney.